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eDS works closely with clients to build a lasting relationship from the development stages to the maintenance after implementation.
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eDS offers a suite of software services to clients to assist with Electronic Lien and Title (ELT), title processing, vehicle registration, document management and issuance of license plates and temporary registration permits.
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  • I have been a title clerk for a little over 16yrs now and this by far the easiest process. I was shown how to upload all our customer information directly to the e-Title system from our DMS system so no need to manually put in anything. Once you're in e-Title it easy to understand & process whatever you need done for your customer or to process your Title-Onlys. I am a definitely a person when starting a new program needs a step by step on how to do things and AADA, was awesome and Patient. I could call them with any question and they took the time to explain everything.

    Susan VanCamp
    Title Clerk
    Findlay Motor Company

  • At first I was very hesitant about the change, but it has been great. When documents are missing they can be scanned and uploaded for completion instead of title work being kicked back and having to wait for it and then resubmitting.

    Georgina Fontes
    Title Department
    Earnhardt Group

  • This year we began utilizing the document upload feature which has been a great advantage and quicker process for the high volume of work we do. Being able to scan and upload all of our title and registration documents has allowed us to submit work in a timelier manner and avoid waiting for a runner to pick up and deliver our work, especially those pieces that need immediate attention. Our title clerks also save the time and hassle of having to stand and wait to make copies at a heavily used company copier. Along with the time this process saves, the digital time and date stamp on each uploaded document gives us the assurance that our dealers are protected from the Arizona bankruptcy law.

    Melissa Howard
    Title Supervisor
    Penske Automotive Group

  • The North Carolina ELT HUB makes ELT lender enrollment a very simple process for us. The menus and screens are laid out in a very intuitive manner, and the performance is great! It’s nice to have all the up-to-date documentation and meeting notes right at your fingertips on the initial page. The fresh color scheme and search tools make it enjoyable to use, too.

    Ann Gunning
    Chief Information Officer
    Decision Dynamics, Inc.

  • In February of 2014 the Fisher Automotive Group began utilizing AADA's title and registration services and its electronic title and registration application, eTitle. Of course with any change there is always some hesitation and question to whether the new process will be more efficient for an office that completes work for 3 large dealerships. However, after training I could clearly see the benefits of the system and its electronic process. For over three months I have saved time by eliminating the need to leave the office and take work to a location for completion. I can simply verify my work in eTitle, upload my documents, click a button and it is in AADA's hands ready to be completed. All of this is done without even having to leave my desk. On top of the time saved it is a great resource for communicating on deals and allows me to address items immediately when they are sent back to my "Nag List". This gives me the ability to research them quickly and upload any additional documents, if needed, in a matter of minutes. The efficiencies of this system and process have proven to be very beneficial to my day to day routine.

    Heather Boemer
    Title Clerk
    Fisher Automotive

  • In October 2013, our dealership decided to start utilizing the electronic title and registration system, eTitle. Having worked in this industry for 26 years I was hesitant to start a new process of completing title work, worried that it would add additional time in completing the title and registration work for a very high volume dealership. I am happy to say that this was not the case. In fact, eTitle saves me time, allowing me to look up details and updates for all of our customers registration work. This information gives me the ability to provide our valuable customers with precise and quick answers to their questions. eTitle also allows me to upload needed documents at any point in time and send them with a click of a button to my processor. Having access to this feature of eTitle is great and I can get "emergency" items completed and back to me same day in most cases. Having been skeptical at the beginning, I am now a firm supporter of the electronic eTitle system and think that its many features provide for a quicker and more efficient title and registration process.

    Sue Carter
    Title Clerk
    Camelback Toyota